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⚙ Private Marketing Strategy Intensive

It seems like the word "funnel" has turned into a buzz word - but whether you love 'em or hate 'em, funnels are here to stay. WHY? Because every business has a funnel - whether they realize it or not. And the KEY to optimizing your business funnels is to make sure you have the RIGHT funnels working for you.

If anyone is telling you there is "ONE FUNNEL" that rules them all - RUN. This isn't the time or place for one-size-fits-all solutions. You need the RIGHT funnel based on your business goals.

And we know it can be confusing - there are SO MANY different kinds of funnels out there. It can feel overwhelming, trying to understand what you need.

That's where our funnel / launch planning intensive sessions come in. You can bypass our 5-figure coaching program investments and just get to the core of your strategy. You walk away with what you need and don't pay for any extra frills. It's a serious bang for your buck.

In this session, we'll map out your marketing / launch strategy in 90 minutes, so you'll walk away with a clear blueprint to follow for your campaign.

This session is designed to get your marketing strategy clearly defined and to plan out all the moving parts (tech, copy, graphics, marketing assets, ...) so that you're ready to HIT THE GROUND RUNNING and won't waste time trying to figure it all out yourself.

You'll get a written plan and visual representation of your funnel / campaign for your records after our session - which you can then use yourself to start building out your campaign, OR hand off to your OBM, assistant or other specialized freelancers to execute for you.

It's perfect for those who don't want to have to spend weeks trying to learn all of this themselves or for those DIY'ers who want a WINNING STRATEGY, but who don't want to have to pay the 5-figure investment to hire a full-blown done-for-you agency package.

How it works:
You register for your session and make your payment. You'll receive instructions on how to book in your appointment.
I'll also send you an intake questionnaire so I can prepare for our session.
We meet online via video conferencing. These sessions are 100% customized to YOUR business, YOUR goals, and YOUR needs. We start with an audit of your marketing assets, review your customer journey and then craft the "perfect funnel" for you.
After the session, you'll receive a written plan from me. If we're specifically mapping out a funnel, you'll receive a visual "funnel map" for your records.
Who is this great for?
Service providers who want the fastest path to clarity in their marketing and sales strategy.
Who isn't this for?
If you don't yet have clarity on your target market and service offerings, make sure to get clear on those things before booking in this session.
Not sure if this is for you?
Let's chat about it. You can schedule a Q&A session with Alison by clicking HERE.
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